The Wines


Giovanni Boroli, with the cooperation of the oenologist Gianfranco Cordero, decided to plant some small vineyards, after checking that both the soil and the climate were particularly suitable to produce high quality grapes.

Since 2005 they have planted about 7 hectares of vineyards, made up mainly of autochthonous vines such as “Nero d’Avola”, “Cataratto”, “Moscato di Noto” and “Nerello Mascalese” and in a small part of international vines such as “Merlot” and “Chardonnay”.

In 2009, as the results achieved in the testing stage were excellent, it has been decided to build a winery, equipped with the most advanced machineries, next to the old “baglio” used by the owner’s family as their home. Both the wines and the organic extra virgin olive oil produced at Giovanni Boroli’s farm show the “Giasira” logo in their label. The term “Giasira” (locally splet “Gisira” or “Gesira”), has got Arabic origin and means island: it was the name of the site where G. Boroli’s lands are located, surrounded and isolated by the deep canyons which run through the Iblean Upland.